2 aussies, 1 wedding, 1 van, 3 months... what have we done?

2 aussies, 1 wedding, 45 aussie guests, 3 months, 1 wicked campervan. Oh dear...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Food glorious food

There are a few things in life that I am passionate about, that's food, anything Italian and did I mention I heart food?  It's probably a given considering I am born of Italian parents.  It's how we show our love and lots of delicious, tasty love goes into our food.  I am so obsessed that Turk and I run our own food business, which just gives me another reason to constantly talk and think about food. I like to call this 'research'.

Needless to say a huge highlight of our wedding and overseas holiday is the food, certainly not the main attraction but a very close second.  As with every soon to be bride it's been a while since I consumed a carb. A mouth full here and there for 'research' purposes does not constitute as a fabulous big bowl of silky pasta with a simple pesto sauce, so good that you rip off a huge chunk of bread to slop up all that fabulous oily, salty basil mix and clean the plate to within an inch of it's life. Ahhhh how I have missed thee.

So it is with much angst that I pick up my dress over one month before the wedding and with even more dread that I spend that time in the land that consumes so many carbs they need a little snooze in the arvo just as the carb coma kicks in and their idea of exercise is an evening stroll dressed in their best outfits, to be seen in not to actually work up a sweat in. What am I to do? Thankfully most of our time will be spent in Positano which has an abundance of stairs and in order to stay in moderately affordable accommodation one must always walk down about 10-15 lots of stairs to get to the beach (another must for a bride to be, no one wants to be as white as their dress!!) and contrary to popular belief there are plenty of delicious options for me sans carbs. Lots of fresh seafood, fish in acqua pazza (fish in crazy water), delicious salads including my favourite caprese salad although I probably need to keep the consumption of the local buffalo mozzarella down to just once a week!

Another highlight is that before the wedding my parents are coming over early and we will be spending about 5 days together that will culminate with us dropping them off at my Aunty's in San Severo (also an amazing cook!!) whom my parents have not seen for about 15 years or so.  So normally hanging out with the folks is not so much of a highlight but rather more of a hindrance.  But this is different. This is their country.  This is  their native land.  This was their home before they were girt by sea. As with a lot of Italians that left Italy when they were young they never had the chance to see much of their country or more aptly couldn't afford to see it. So this is the first time my parents are going to be seeing a lot of these places.  Of course our little mini tour will be stopping in 'Bologna', what is claimed to be the food capital of Italy, is that possible?  It's possible Turk will have to pop me in one of those harness thingys parents use for kids when they can't be bothered chasing them.  Although he'll probably need one for my mum and dad too. I suspect we will be kids in a lolly shop. Or should that be kids in a Parmiggano-Reggiano shop?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The final countdown

So it's almost 3 months until we get hitched and about 8 weeks until we leave Oz for Italy. 
Here's the thing not only do we have a wedding to organise in another country and to organise our lives so that we can travel for the next 3 months with ease but we also run a small business (and planning to start another on our return) so we're also busy cutting the apron strings, quite literally given we run a food manufacturing business.

A little freaked out/stressed/busy?... actually not really.  Although I like to pretend like I am totally stressed and so very busy, it's the Leo drama queen in me, I actually love a challenge as does my partner in crime (insert introduction to the man I am planning to marry in 13 weeks, 3 days, 21 hours, 30 minutes and 1 sec.. oh make that no sec.. oh make that 29 minutes and.. oh you get my point) 'The Turk'. Given the nickname (by moi) not for his heritage or his love of Turkish delight/coffee/bread but for the fact that he looks like the actor who played 'Turkish' from the movie Snatch (Jason Statham, goggle him, it's uncanny!). I may have had a slight obsession with this movie/actor and that is how we came to meet but that, dear reader, is a story for another time and place.

The plan for May to August 2012 looks a little like this:
Early may, leave for Italy. Head to Parma for a food show (not only do we own a food business, but we are big foodies and needless to say a lot of this blog will be on restaurants/meals/markets etc)
Then we head to Positano on the Amalfi coast, our wedding destination.  Fingers crossed that all the people we have paid deposits to and organised our wedding with will actually exist.  This is probably the only part that could actually stress us out!

After our wedding some of our friends have hijacked our honeymoon and are coming with us down to Sicily.  After eating, drinking and soaking up as much of the Sicilian sun as one can bear we are off to northern Italy where we will be greeted by a big, fat WICKED camper.  Yep you read right, one of those dodgey, spray painted vans that in Australia are infested with sun burnt backpackers who I'm sure have more things living in their hair than I care to know about.  The Turk has assured me that the vans in Europe are better than the ones in Oz.  This is yet to be verified.  I am scared not only for the safety of my hair but also for our sanity.  Is this possibly the easiest way to end a marriage before the honeymoon is over?  We are to call this van home/hotel/restaurant for the next two months whilst travelling through Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Slovakia. Thankfully we've invested in a GPS, this should help to give our marriage a head start and keep the divorce papers at bay... for now.